DTW Algebra (en version)

This is a page about DTW Algebra app

Why I need this app?

This app can be useful to you, if you are an Algebra teacher, student, pupl or simly using algebra in your daily life, so DTW means Don't have trouble, this app help you do not have 'em

What can I calculate with this app?


-Quadratic equation

-Qubic equation

-Linear system equations

-Differential equation 2nd order

-Differential equation 3rd order




-Roots & powers






-Determinant throgh expansion

-Inverse matrix


-Converting to triangular view

I'm not sure I exzacly need this app

-Try lite version.

Do you have more apps in this series?

- In august we're planning to realise DTW Geometry in Russian, a week later will be realised english version.

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